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We at Mruttyuunjay are a reliable company and are fully committed to protecting the privacy of our customers in any circumstances. Those who use our VoIP application get a kind of assurance that their privacy will be protected. Our privacy policy serves its core purpose of explaining every detail about how we collect data from our customers and also the way we use it.

Mruttyuunjay is fully committed to protect the sensitive details that our users enter during the time they use our applicatoin. We take the help of various cutting-edge technologies to take care of your sensitive information and also ensure its full safety and security. Our privacy policy also serves its core purpose of maximizing your ability for letting you have wonderful control over using both your private and personal information. We as a responsible company never sell any sensitive information that we collect from our customers to any third party.

What Personal Data We Collect

Mruttyuunjay requires only the information from users that need them to connect to the VoIP server of their choice and also to run the application most effectively. This information requires you to offer you an outstanding VoIP experience. Users need to provide their details, especially for the ‘Setting' section of the apps, or also when they get in touch with our representatives for getting the required support.

Apart from this, our applicatoin can also gather several crucial pieces of information related to users’ details automatically. This information is generally country, contact list, etc. Users need to provide details such as their VoIP server’s location and also their SIP account details such as username, password, etc. Most of the information that our application collects is never sent directly to us. It goes to your SIP service provider. So, if you use the SIP server of any of the third-party, then we are not responsible in case of the misuse of your private information.

Mruttyuunjay Collects the Following Data

Username and Password

We collect credentials such as user names and passwords from those who use our VoIP service. Meanwhile, we once again reaffirm that we never misuse your information in any case. This information is necessary only to run the application properly.

Audio Recording and Camera

When you run our application, it may require access to the camera and also the audio of your device. It’s necessary to access the audio recording and a camera for fulfilling certain common functionalities of making your VoIP calls.

Name and Contact Details

We may also collect your other details such as contact number, name, email address, and also various other similar details for improving the VoIP experience. These details may be presented in the SIP signaling so needs to be presented to the other end.


When you use various settings while using your VoIP device on the ‘Setting’ section of the app you can store only locally and also will not leave your device. Moreover, some settings are necessary for interacting with a SIP service provider or server. We support these might be sent either through a separate channel or also signaling.

Location Data

The application might submit your country automatically as a crucial part of the SIP signaling that might be processed through your VoIP service provider or VoIP server. Your VoIP service provider can locate you through the IP address from where you can connect to the SIP server.

Phone Details

We have VoIP application that can collect details about your device like internet connection idle or type status for determining the most suitable connection method, retry interval, codec, and also several other necessary details for proper functionality. These details are something that is not submitted anywhere but they might be indeed present in the logs.


When you use applications, you need to submit logs for our support that might also contain various sensitive information such as your username and also VoIP server address. We at Mruttyuunjay treat and ensure all these logs with confidentiality.

Device ID

There’s the possibility that the application may generally be a GUID for users’ devices that might be used for numerous features such as auto sign-up.


We also gather several times the content of your communications and file them when it becomes necessary to offer you with our services that you use. For instance, if you receive any message from our messaging services, we gather your message delivery for delivering the same to those of your softphone clients. We display the message for you, let you reply, and also help you to store the message until you select for deleting the same.

Apart from this, we also gather the content that you message to us as a product review or feedback. We monitor your message when you chat with us, interact through customer support, etc.

How We Use your Personal Data

Most of the confidential data that we collect from our customers are submitted to your service provider or server.  So, you need to check the privacy policy of your service provider and read carefully how they use your details. When you submit your data to us, we use the data for offering our services. We use this data to make our services more customer-oriented and also personalize it. We also use your confidential data to communicate with you and also provide the latest updates about our products and services.

We use your data to improve our services to match the satisfaction level of our customers.

Push Notification

We have VoIP application that uses the notification service that enables your devices for chatting and messaging. For devices, these notification services are offered by other service providers. The company that is responsible for offering our notification service on your device can use these details based on their terms and conditions. In case, if your notification service provider misuses your details, we are not responsible for compensating the same. You can simply turn it off if you are not interested in using the notification service on your device.